About Pets And There Types


About Pets


Pets are known as a animal that are being kept for companion and enjoyment, they are a great companions young and old members of families. There are many different types of pets.

Whether you like dog, cat, birds ,fish ,horse ,rabbit ,guinea pig , etc. you should choose a pet based on what animal suits your personality and works best with your lifestyle.

Some types of pets are better suited to people living in small apartments while other types of pets do best on very large space. So it is important to realize that not all types of pets may be right for every one. If you don’t know a lot about any pet you are going to purchase then, you should do some research before buying one.


Types of  Pets




Dogs are one of the most popular types of pets. They are defined as loyal companions. They are also trainable, one can train a dog as per there mood. Most of dogs enjoy exercise and will help you to exercise with them so regular walk with them makes you healthy. There are always plenty of great dogs waiting to be adopted before buying a dog you should first do some research about different kinds of dogs and there behavior and then adopt a dog. If a dog have been abused or neglected by previous owners. This can make a dog aggressive and difficult to train.



Cat is also a very popular pet a reason behind this is, that a cat does not requires a lots of maintenance or attention. The cat is also known as a very independent pet. The person who feels hesitating walking daily with a dog, cat is a best option for them.



Fish are known as a very quiet pet. Although they are known as a very low maintenance pets, but some fish do require a lot of work. It my be quit challenge to maintain ideal conditions inside the tank and keep it clean. You have to pay special attention to maintain a fish in a fish tank in an ideal condition. You will need to buy special filters and chemicals to maintain the correct water parameters, like pH, in your tank and to get enough oxygen into the water.



As horses plays a dual role as pets and a livestock. The are defined as loyal companions. They are also trainable, Horses in general tend to be a bit spooky, but there is a large range in the temperament of horses, you need to be comfortable with handling and reacting to the temperament of your horse. All horses also come with their very own personality



Birds make good companions and are fun to watch. Each bird has his own personality, but there are similarities in temperament and general behavior within species. You should decide what aspect of having a bird is most important to you.




Guinea Pig

Guinea is being selected as a first pet for their child from most of the parents, believing a small pet needs only a small amount of care. It is important to understand that these little guys have lots of requirements, including a roomy cage, specialized diet, daily cleanup and gentle handling, and that an adult should be the primary caretaker.






Rabbits may be easy to love, but they’re not quite as easy to care for. These lovable, social animals are wonderful companions for people who take the time to learn about their needs. Though providing care for these adorable creatures isn’t difficult, rabbits have a long lifespan is more than 10 years.


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