Information of Dogs

Information of Dogs

Dog is one of the most common pets seen in all over world. Modern day evidence suggests that the dog is the closest relative to the wolf , experts have deduced this information based on genetics and behavior patterns. Before getting a new dog as a new house member, one should have some general information about dog’s behavior related there health related, there breed related, food related etc.

The dog is an animal well known for its attachment to mankind and remarkable for the almost infinite varieties, as to size, form, color, and quality of the hair, which the influence of domestication has brought about in the species, these pups became dependent on the humans for food and adapted to living with humans. Humans probably interacted more with these animals because of the shared interest in the same types of prey and habitats

Information of Dog’s Character

  • Man’s best friend: The dog has been said as Man’s best friend. The reason behind this is that when dogs are been properly cared from the time they are puppy they have a good health and due to proper care and attention a undying loyalty is being earned from your canine friend.
  • Different from other household pets: it is being said that the puppy/dogs are different from other house hold pets for two main reasons social attachment to humans, and physical temperament.
  • Dogs are social creatures: They bond they form with humans is uncommon to other domesticated animals. Their friendly and protective natures make them ideal companions to humans.
  • Personality of Dogs: Dogs are varied in their temperaments and have been bred to enhance specific characteristics. Because of their varied physical sizes and temperaments, it is very common for a pet owner to find a type dog that meets their emotional needs – there is pretty much a dog for any type of personality out there.

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