Winter Safety for Dog

Winter Safety for Dog

If you are having a pet at home the summer as well as the winter season is also going to be very hard for your pet weather they stay in indoor or outdoor. A mild 50 degrees during the winter is quite an adjustment for your pet. If you want to keep your pet safe in winter, the best way to keep them healthy, happy and complete safe is to treat him as a human child.

If you are keeping dog out side during winter they need more care and attention, it’s time to make sure that your dog is kept safe and warm. Always line your pet’s doghouse with a blanket or mat rather than letting him sleep on the cold, hard surface. Give your dog a warm, roomy doghouse. Make sure that it is free from cracks, holes, etc. Make clean clothing a part of your dog’s daily routine. At the very least, provide dog booties to prevent freezing paws. A warm dog sweater is always recommended.

If you are keeping your dog indoor then also they are susceptible to the cold. If your pet is inside then also take some precautions for there safety and comfort, you should reconsider house fires altogether when a dog is inside. Even fireplace screens can be ineffective safety measures if a dog is in a playful or curious mood. Provide a warm bed or blanket for your dog to lie on at night. The floor quickly become cold if it is not carpeted. If your floors are mostly uncarpeted, fit your dog with shoes.


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