Enjoying Holidays/Party with your Dog

If you are having a dog and you are arranging a party with alcohol, lots of friends, and a firework it may confuse your dog, because strangers, noise are always a problem for the dog. Before enjoying a party you should take some precautions for your dog or your dog can become frightening, disruptive to his schedule, noisy, intrusive

There are some steps that you can take, actions you can avoid; to ensure that you’re pet kept safe and happy during each holiday of the year.

Your schedule can change quite a bit when a holiday approaches due to all of the necessary shopping, party planning, visitations, events, etc. Your pet’s schedule, too, may change quite a bit.

To dog, however, this change is unexpected and certainly unexplained that this owners neglect him or does a irresponsible feeding like alcohol or table scrap, so it is very important to make a few schedule adjustments within your household when a holiday is approaching, try to make your dog feel as normal as possible.

To ensure his complete safety, take into consideration the following measures:

For your dog’s safety and your own sanity, keep wrapped gifts put away. They can be quite tempting chew toys. Keep your dog in a quiet room when guests arrive. The noise may make him nervous. Keep all candles out of reach of your dog’s wagging tail. Keep all electrical cords away from areas that your pet will be in when you are not home. He may chew on them, and this presents a fire hazard. Fireworks can greatly agitate your dog’s sensitive ears. Never bring him to a display.

However the owner must be careful when feeding dogs holiday food items. It is never recommended to feed a dog table scraps, and with their decadence and extra spices holiday dishes can present an even bigger problem. However, the owner should keep the following foods away from your dog’s are chocolate, onions, garlic, caffeine, pork products, mushrooms, walnuts, artificial sweeteners, fruit seeds and pits.

Any dish containing just a small amount of the above items can be extremely harmful to your dog.

The great way to include your dog in your holiday plans it to create a tradition made just for him. For example, you might let him have new toys as gifts for each holiday, or you might go out and purchase a dog food for him to enjoy.

Your dog has no desire to sit in a crowded room for hours in which everyone is much too busy to notice him.


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