Popular Breeds of Dogs

Popular Breeds of Dogs
Here is a small list dog breed for some popular breeds.

Labrador Retrievers – Very friendly breed. They multiply as hunting, sporting and working group


The Golden Retriever
– A big dog & has a big appetite. Not hostile and are known as hunters.

German shepherd –
Very intelligent so used as guide dogs, police dogs, Very faithful and obedient


Dachshund – Pretty looking, small and fiercely loyal to one person, Ideal companion for a single person


Beagle puppies – Beagle Puppies are a kind of foxhound, a great hunter and tracker. They never be allowed out of a leash.

Poodles – Small, barky and active, Can be groomed as you like, Friendly, intelligent and loving. Very popular family dogs

Chihuahua puppies – Perfect apartment dogs, Afraid of open spaces (agoraphobia) A religious symbol for Aztecs

Rottweilers – Literally means rotten and reprehensible both physically as well as morally. Strong, powerful, and ferocious and are advised only for police. Not biting cannot be guaranteed.

Yorkshire terrier – Darlings of old women when groomed. Otherwise, look like large sewer rats. Small in size but make a great companion.

Boxers – Belongs to mixed dog breeds between Great Dane, Bulldog and others. Developed as a guard and working group. Looks like it is very alert with ears stuck forward.


So many other breeds vie for making to this list. Thus the left breeds out cannot be construed as not good ones in this dog breed information.


18 Responses to Popular Breeds of Dogs

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  18. […] sheep dog which is very successful at mustering and droving with little or no command guidance. The breed has been separated into two distinct varieties: the show or bench Kelpie and the working Kelpie. […]

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