Dog breed 5

Chow Chow Dog Breed
The Chow Chow Dog is a beautiful portrayal of the Asian Spitz. Their back extremities are rectilinear, giving them their typical swaying walk. Their ears are small, round and very separate; place quite forward, making them “wrinkle their brow”. Their face is hidden behind abundant hair. The breed originated in the far east of Siberia, where the Anions used to live, using the Chow Chow’s ancestors to fish, hunt and for sledge pulling.


These Nordic dogs were crossbred with the Mongolian nomadic sheepdogs. They were brought to Chine over 2000 years ago, where they were used as guard dogs, for pulling carts and sheepdogs.
The first Chow Chow arrived to England in 1780 but they were not officially accepted in the Kennel Club until 1880. They are the only dogs that have the tongue, lips and roof of their mouth purplish-blue.


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