Dog Breed 11

American Mastiff

American Mastiff is a term that refers to a molosser-type dog that was created over 20 years ago by crossing an English Mastiff and an Anatolian Mastiff dog, a very old mastiff breed known for its intelligence and lengthy lifespan for a large breed.


Theses dogs have some very distinct features and develop in a variety of colors including fawn, brindle and apricot. Puppies are born dark in color and tend to lighten up as they get older and attain their true color by the time they turn one year old.
In this breed of Mastiff dog, white markings on their chin, nose, chest and feet are acceptable. The American Mastiff is very good with children and makes a great family dog. They are, again, not known for being aggressive unless they are in a circumstance where their families, especially their family’s children, are threatened.
They will become intimidating defenders in this case, and even courageous. Though they probably wouldn’t choose to exercise daily, a steady routine will keep them fit and happier. American Mastiffs typically live for 10 to 12 years.


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