Dog Breed 12

Chinese Shar Pei Puppy Dog Breed

The noble looking Chinese Shar Pei dog has a heavily wrinkled skin, even more so when they are pups. There Size is 40-45 cm and is Weight: 17-24 kg.


When the Chinese Shar Pei Dogs are adults their wrinkles concentrate on the head and neck. Their bodies are broad and their limbs are solid. Even though their origins are not very clear, it is thought this Chinese breed’s history started with the Han dynasty.
This dog is very faithful, and very close to his owner, although it is not likely of him to be very affectionate. Shar Pei’s are indoor dogs, and tend to be a bit lazy. Although they like and protect children, they are definitely not very playful. They don’t like being lonely.
Taming must be done early, but never too roughly. It is important to let him develop relations with other dogs, so he doesn’t grow too dominant.


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