Dog Breed 21

April 19, 2009

Brittany (dog)

The Brittany is a Breed of gun dog primarily breeds for bird hunting. Although the Brittany is often referred to as a spaniel, the breed’s working characteristics are more akin to a pointer or setter. Brittanies were developed in the Brittany province of France in the 1800s.


Brittanies should range in a height of 17 inches to 20.5 inches at the withers, with females at the lower end and males taller. A properly constructed and healthy Brittany maintains a weight between 36 and 43lbs (16 to 19 kg), depending upon height.
A Brittany is typically quite athletic, compact, and solidly built without being heavy. Other characteristics include long legs, and their expressions are usually of intelligence, vigour, and alertness. Their gait is elastic, long, and free.
Some Brittanies are born with naturally short tails and others with long tails. If born with a long tail it is normally docked to a length of 3 to 10 centimetres (1 to 4 inches).
Brittanies come in a variety of colours, where an orange and white coat is most common in the American Brittany. Other colours include liver and white, orange roan and liver roan, all of which are acceptable in the show ring.
The Brittany makes a good house pet as long as it receives daily mental and physical exercise, as well as superb socialization on a regular basis. If not given sufficient exercise, love, and socialization, Brittanies can become house destructive or develop unnatural habits unrepresentative of the breed.
Brittanies are generally healthy and hardy dogs. Be sure to check and clean ears at home due to the fact that their ears can get infections because air can not easily pass through. They usually live 14-15 years.