Bog Breed 19

April 8, 2009

Basset Artesien Normand

The Basset artésien normand (Norman Artesian Basset) is a short legged hound type dog developed in France. The word Basset refers to short legged hounds.  Bassets are walking hounds, which are followed by the hunter on foot. The short legs mean that they would not get too far away from the hunter.


The Basset artésien normand was used to hunt rabbits and other small game alone or in packs, but today they are primarily bred to be pets.
The height of the Basset artésien normand is between 30 and 36cms (11.8 to 14.2ins), with a ratio of the height to the body length of about 5 : 8. Weight is roughly 17kgs (37.4lbs). The coat is short and tricolored (fawn and white with black blanket, a patch across the back) or bicolored (fawn and white). The head and long ears are distinctive, and the temperament should be calm and good-natured.