Summer Safety for Dogs

Summer Safety for Dogs

For most of the people summer means the time of relaxation, vacations, and traveling. But for your dog it is a time of sweltering heat because it’s very hard for dog to cool down his body because dog’s does not have sweat glands, so the summer cause too much problem to his health, it’s very important to save your pet from this uncomfortable heat.

There are many problems that doges face during summer like heat exhaustion, lack of water, exposure to pesticides and weed killers, parasites. Exposure in warmer regions, can quickly become hazardous to your dog, they feel excessive salivation, foaming at the mouth, fever, intense fatigue/weakness and rapid pulse/heartbeat.

Dog also suffer from a heat stroke or heat exhaustion if you notice any symptoms immediately lay your dog down and place ice packs around his stomach and neck. Spray your dog’s body with icy water, and call a vet immediately. In summer season increase watering frequencies and also providing your dog with a larger water bowl, may also consider adding small bits of ice to your dog’s water during warmer months, as water coming from the tap will be warmer than usual.


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